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Wednesday, 11 April 2012 12:00

Omrah package

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Wednesday, 11 April 2012 11:57

Hajj Package

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Package : Hajj and Omrah
Airlink Tours & TravelĀ  become a trusted Hajj Agent all over the country. Every year we offer some Hajj Packages for the Hajj Pilgrims. All packages contain 50 to 400 pilgrims. (As permitted)

We are giving facilities to the Pilgrims as follows :

  • We pay all Government Fees and Ticket Reservation on behalf of pilgrins for Saudia Arab and Bangladesh.
  • We engaged Muallim in Makkah Mokarrama and Modina Monowara.
  • We usually send experienced Guide for each Group to comply necessary Hajj work.
  • We manage conveyance in Makka and Medina for Pilgrims at the time of Hajj.
  • We are always alert about Medical Treatment of the Pilgrims at Hajj Places.

Our Packages:
We shall manage 3 (three) packages for the Pilgrims.

Package A: House within 100-400 Meters of Makka & Medina. Food + Communication + Treatment.

Package B : House within 500 to 700 Meters of Makka & Medina. Food+ Communication + Treatment.

Package C : House within 700 to 1000 Meters of Makka & Medina. Food + Communication +Treatment.

Package rate 2011
Negotiable(can be changed every year)

We are to receive all expenses from the Pilgrims here in Bangladesh in cash or two to tree installments. We continue our Hajj Service from the Country and we bring them back to the Country.